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Analytical & Functional Testing

We analytically and functionally test your planarization and polishing consumables such as pads, slurries, post-CMP cleaning brushes and chemicals, diamond discs and retaining rings. Wherever feasible, the results of the tests are backed up with sound scientific analysis.

Our analytical services in the area of laser confocal microscopy (CM) is unsurpassed in the industry. Pad and diamond disc conditioner makers are especially interested in CM due to our ability to quantify critical CMP-relevant metrics such as:

  • Pad surface abruptness.
  • Pad-wafer contact area.
  • Pad-wafer near-contact area.
  • Asperity density and radius of curvature.

In addition to analytical services, we offer a plethora of cost-effective functional tests of your consumables which allows us to make recommendations as to their performance before your company commits additional funds for full-scale testing at larger CMP foundries, tool suppliers and end-users. These tests are intended to:

  • Identify promising materials (and screen out potentially bad actors) during the early stages of product development.
  • Act as failure analyses vehicles for your current BKM materials.
  • Establish material performance baselines for QA and QC.
  • Provide data to assist you in IP filings, technical publications or client presentations.

Several unique capabilities in the 50 to 300 mm arenas have set us apart in the industry. These include our ability to:

  • Analyze and determine the mechanisms of retaining ring, pad and diamond disc wear.
  • Establish the tribological attributes of planarization and polishing processes.
  • Determine, through dual emission UV-enhanced fluorescence, average slurry film thicknesses and flow patterns during polishing.

Please contact us so that we can further discuss our capabilities and determine as to how we may be of assistance to you.