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R&D Polishers

In exclusive partnership with our corporate investor, Fujikoshi Machinery Corporation (Nagano, Japan), we manufacture state-of-the-art polishers for 50 to 300 mm diameter wafers.

The single-platen APD-800 and RDP-500 systems are equipped with shear force and down force sensors, removable platen mechanism (for easy and non-destructive pad changes), adjustable pad surface temperature sensor, air cylinder actuated wafer and diamond conditioner down force assemblies, multi-zone diamond conditioning arm, 4 independent computer-controlled slurry and chemical delivery systems, and a myriad of other standard features. They are powered by Araca’s FSX proprietary force acquisition and data analysis system, with a superb GUI including calibration, data acquisition, waveform analysis, end-point detection, spectral analysis and correlation menus.

The APD-800 and RDP-500 are intended for use in research and development environments at universities, research institutes and consumables suppliers worldwide. They have proven to be indispensable for slurry and conditioning disc QC applications where functional tests are required.

By providing standardized and affordable polishers to the CMP and silicon polishing communities, we are significantly enhancing the rate at which fundamental knowledge is acquired and shared among various stakeholders on common experimental platforms. Our quest in proliferating large wafer size R&D systems is based on several studies which show that using wafers of smaller size (i.e. 100 mm or less) yield thermal, kinetic and tribological results that are not representative of real-life situations, and can quite often be misleading.

Within-wafer removal rate non-uniformity (WIWRRNU) for most processes are less than 5 percent (1-sigma, 5 mm edge exclusion). Run-to-run non-uniformity values of average removal rate, WIWRRNU, average shear force, average down force and average pad temperature are less than 2 percent.

Please refer to the APD-800 brochure as well as the RDP-500 brochure for details on the various features and capabilities of the tools along with our latest product specifications.

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