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The slurry injector system (SIS) is our flagship product. SIS has proven to successfully reduce polishing defects (by up to 4X less) and slurry consumption (by up to 67 percent less) for myriad of chemical mechanical planarization processes. With 46 units presently in high volume manufacturing on AMAT and Ebara polishers, and with a dozen or so ongoing beta tests worldwide, we are well positioned to exponentially grow the company in the next couple of years. Compared with the standard pad center area slurry application (POR), due to its intrinsic design, SIS has the following major advantages:

  • Improved slurry utilization by efficient delivery of fresh slurry to the pad-wafer interface (up to 2X reduction in slurry mean residence time).
  • Reduced mixing of spent slurry (and residual water) with fresh slurry supplied during polishing. This causes higher material removal rate at the same slurry flow rate (by up to 30 percent), or an equivalent material removal rate at lower slurry flow rates (by up to 67 percent).
  • Effective capture of foam (due to hydrogen peroxide and surfactants) and pad fragments (due to conditioning). This results in lower wafer-level defects (by up to 4X) at POR or lower flow rates.

In addition to SIS, in exclusive partnership with our corporate investor, Fujikoshi Machinery Corporation (Nagano, Japan), we manufacture state-of-the-art polishers (for 50 to 300 mm diameter wafers) capable of real-time measurement, analysis, correlation and reporting of shear force and down force. The polishers are also capable of reporting pad surface temperature in real-time.

The systems are intended for use in R&D environments at universities, research institutes and consumables suppliers worldwide. They have proven to be indispensable for slurry and conditioning disc QC applications where functional tests are required.

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