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Dr. Ara PiliposyanDr. Ara Philipossian

Co-Founder, Chairman, President and CEO

Dr. Philipossian has been a professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Arizona since 2001 where he holds the Koshiyama Chair of Planarization. Since its establishment in 2004, he has also been the Co-Founder, President and CEO of Araca Incorporated, the premier provider of services and equipment to the polishing and planarization industry worldwide.

He received his BS, MS and PhD in Chemical Engineering from Tufts University in 1983, 1985 and 1992, respectively. From 1992 to 2001, he was the Materials Technology Manager at Intel Corporation (Santa Clara, CA USA) responsible for development, characterization, implementation and sustaining of new and existing CMP and post-CMP cleaning consumables, low k dielectrics and electroplating chemicals. From 1986 to 1992, he worked at Digital Equipment Corporation (Hudson, MA USA) as a process development manager focusing on thermal silicon oxidation, diffusion, LPCVD of dielectric and gate electrodes, and wafer cleaning technology.

Dr. Philipossian has authored approximately 110 archival journal publications and about 155 articles in conference proceedings. He holds 24 patents in the area of semiconductor processing and device fabrication.



Dr. Leonard BoruckiDr. Leonard Borucki

Board Member

Dr. Borucki was the Chief Technology Officer of Araca Incorporated from 2006 to 2017. He was responsible for intellectual portfolio development, new applications, prototype hardware engineering and construction, analysis software development, data analysis, sales and customer technical support. Prior to acquisition by Araca of his consulting company, Intelligent Planar, he was an independent contractor specializing in the application of physics and mathematical modeling to chemical-mechanical planarization. Dr. Borucki has BS and PhD degrees in mathematics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

After graduation, he taught applied mathematics and statistics at Lafayette College. He then worked for IBM for 7 years, where he was the primary developer of a finite element program used extensively by IBM for process development. Following IBM, he was employed by Motorola for 13 years, where he was Fellow of the Technical Staff. At Motorola, he developed and applied new physical models for different aspects of chemical-mechanical polishing, including pad conditioning and abrasive wear, pad lifetime optimization, pad heating, oxide and copper feature-scale planarization and tiling, polish rate decay, within wafer polish rate uniformity control, and slurry hydrodynamics. He holds patents in both CMP and SiGe transistor manufacturing and has authored numerous journal papers and proceedings papers.



Dr. Cliff SpiroDr. Cliff Spiro

Board Member

Cliff Spiro received a BS degree in chemistry from Stanford University and a PhD degree in chemistry from Caltech where he shared the 1980 McCoy Prize for the top thesis. Cliff joined General Electric in 1980 and held a series of progressively responsible research and management positions for GE between 1980 and 2001. In 2001 Spiro was named Vice President of R&D for Nalco, a leader in water, energy and paper chemistry. Dr. Spiro joined Cabot Microelectronics in December, 2003, where he served for eight years as Vice President of R&D and CTO. Cliff has also served as a Director on the Boards of the Mississippi Polymer Technologies Corporation, Maxdem Corporation, Strategic Diagnostics (Nasdaq:SDIX), and Araca Incorporated, and on scientific advisory boards at U. of Chicago, Northwestern, U. of Arizona, and NanoTerra, Inc. In 2011, he formed Cliff Spiro Consulting Group LLC, located in Savannah, Georgia, for the purpose of coaching innovation leadership. He holds 21 US patents and has published 86 scientific articles and has given 101 technical conference presentations.

Cliff recently authored two books. In “R&D is War – and I’ve Got the Scars to Prove it” he delves into the human side of innovation. Cliff tells illustrative R&D war stories from his career about coal, turbines and diesels, the stealth bomber, synthetic diamonds, silicone rubber, light bulbs, water treatment and semiconductor processing. He also recently published “Up Yours – What to Do With an Engineering, Research and Innovation Career,” a career guide for innovation professionals.